The Grand Old Rapist Party Had Its Coming Out With Kavanaugh Confirmation


The Republican Party is officially the party of rape and victim shaming after they did everything that they could to be on the wrong side of sexual assault during the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

Brett Kavanaugh is the “achievement” that the Grand Old Rapist Party has been building up to for years. From “legitimate rape” to Donald Trump to Roy Moore to Brett Kavanaugh. The Republican Party has become the party where predators don’t just feel at home. Sexual predators are liked, admired and promoted.

It would be inaccurate to suggest that Brett Kavanaugh is anything different or new for the GORP. The only new element to the Kavanaugh saga was how open Republicans were with their message to victims and others. No matter how much they tried to toe the line with Kavanaugh mistaken identity defense, the message was clear. Republicans are not the party where women and others can feel safe.


The Grand Old Rapist Party is always going to take the side of the man.

The mainstream press won’t even talk about the fact that the Republican Party now mirrors Trump’s defend all men all of the time stances. Just as Republicans made it clear that non-white people are not welcome in their party with years of Obama racism, and then a full embrace of Trump, the Kavanaugh confirmation sends the message to women that they are also not welcome.

The Republican Party is the party of conservative white men, and a few enablers, like Susan Collins, who have no problem with sexual assault against women.

Good Luck winning elections for the next 20 years, Republicans. You’re going to need it.

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