Civil Rights Groups File Emergency Motion To Stop Georgia From Blocking Thousands Of Naturalized Citizen Voters

A coalition of Georgia civil rights groups have filed a complaint seeking that thousands of naturalized citizens who were inaccurately flagged as non-citizens be allowed to vote.

Here is the complaint:

Georgia PI Brief

The groups behind this complaint are not outside “mobs” as Republicans claim, but Georgia civil rights organizations including, Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, Asian-Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, Georgia State Conference of the NAACP, New Georgia Project, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, and ProGeorgia State Table.

The Georgia groups’ legal counsel, Danielle Lang, senior legal counsel, voting rights and redistricting at the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Georgia voters can’t afford to wait. Their fundamental right to vote on November 6 is imperiled by no fault of their own, but rather by Kemp’s continued use of the state’s flawed exact match process. The voters impacted by this process are often newly naturalized citizens voting for the first time. We should be welcoming them to our political community, not interrogating them.”

Phi Nguyễn, litigation director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, said, “As an organization, our core mission is to empower our Asian-American communities to be fully active in civic life. This includes helping immigrants navigate the naturalization process so that they can exercise one of the hallmarks of citizenship: the right to vote. It’s particularly heartbreaking to witness new American voters being immediately disenfranchised because of unnecessary barriers created by the state of Georgia.”
Kemp threw 107,000 voters off of the rolls in a single day in 2017 thanks to the state’s use it or lose it law.

What Republicans are doing to Georgia is a disaster for democracy. Thousands of people who became citizens of our great country deserve their voting rights. As many as 3,000 naturalized citizens in Georgia were inaccurately deemed non-citizens by Kemp under the state’s exact match law. Victories in court will allow people to cast their votes to reverse the corrupt voter suppression policies of Georgia Republicans.

Since the GOP can’t rock the vote, they’ve decided to rig it, and they must be stopped.

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