Kellyanne Conway Says She And Trump Are The Real Victims In Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

On Fox News, Kellyanne Conway blamed the press for insulting Trump and the White House and claimed that she and Trump are the real victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting.

After blaming other cable news networks that aren’t Fox News, Conway said, “The kind of rhetoric that is said day in and day out about this WH, the people who work here, the president, the vice president, their families – it’s got to stop.”


She continued, “You’ve got people constantly making comments about Nazism, Nazi Germany. This president is turning us into. Somebody from CNN tweeted a picture of concentration camps when the migrants were trying to come over the border earlier this year. That’s got to stop. The media brings themselves into everything. It’s always about them, and it’s always about President Trump. In this case, the president is leading the country to heal.”

The Real Victims of the Pittsburgh Shooting are Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump

There was no mention in Conway’s answer of the shooter being a right-wing extremist who stopped supporting Trump when he thought that the president wasn’t racist enough. The White House is trying to turn the worst attack on Jews in US history into an attack on the media. It is not the free press’s fault that they report on Trump’s own words. It is not the free press that fanned the flames for right-wing violence.

The Trump White House has created a culture of enabling and inspiring right-wing violence, and now they are trying to use the violence that they inspired to discredit and limit press freedom.

Donald Trump and this White House didn’t pull the trigger in Pittsburgh, but their tireless strategy of diving America and spreading hate created a climate where violent right wingers feel empowered.

The media isn’t the story. Eleven people died, and 15 pipebombs were sent, and the Trump administration is doubling down on division and hate. Kellyanne Conway isn’t a victim. She’s an instigator of a tone that is costing innocent Americans their lives.

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