Sarah Sanders Has A Meltdown As Trump Gets Held Accountable For Violent Rhetoric


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders threw a fit and the blamed media as Trump is being held accountable for promoting a climate that has encouraged violence and division.

Sanders tweeted:

Sarah Sanders and Trump Are Trying To Find An Enemy To Deflect Responsibility


Instead of denouncing violence, Trump has encouraged it. Trump has enabled it by making excuses for those on the right who commit violent acts. His good people on both sides comment after Charlottesville is a stain that will never be removed from his legacy. As Rep. Adam Schiff said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “I think this president’s whole modus operand is to divide us. He gets up in the morning with new and different ways to divide us, and it’s not enough that he says the right words on the day of a tragedy if every other day he says things to bring us into conflict with each other.”

Americans reached their breaking point with Trump’s politics of division and violent rhetoric. The American people want unity. Trump is one trick pony. He knows how to divide. The political strategy is that if the nation is divided into enough small pieces, Trump can win with his tiny fringe base of support.

Sarah Sanders melted down because she is trying to hold Trump’s base together by making the free press the enemy, and it isn’t working. As president, Trump sets the tone, and as he is being held accountable, the administration can’t handle the consequences of their choices.

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