Former FBI Asst. Director Says Trump Is Openly Obstructing Justice With Sessions Firing

Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC that Trump is openly obstructing justice by firing Jeff Sessions and replacing him with someone who he knows will shut down the Mueller investigation.

Figliuzzi said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

So Whitaker is going to need a full briefing on everything Rosenstein knows right now about the special counsel investigation. And that’s going to get interesting. Because even though Whitaker has been out publicly saying Mueller has crossed a red line, he’s done so without understanding what Mueller’s got.

And so I suppose there’s still a possibility that if Rosenstein gives him a full briefing, that there might be sufficient connections to all of the finances that Mueller’s looking at and the idea of Russian collusion that Whitaker will have to say, I see the linkage. They are linked to Russia, and I see why we need to move on with this. But let’s go back to what Chuck said. I think we’re watching obstruction of justice play out right in plain sight. I fear there’s a quid pro quo. You do this, I name you acting attorney general. Or I nominate you for attorney general. You take care of the special counsel investigation. And that’s public corruption.


The Clock Is Ticking On Trump and Russia

Trump doesn’t want the incoming Democratic House majority to get their hands on the Mueller report. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who will be leading the House Russia investigation in January responded to the firing of Sessions by vowing to protect the rule of law, and if there is any quid pro quo, there would nothing stopping Mueller from testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee and telling them what he found if Whitaker shuts him down.

The American people are witnessing corruption at the highest level of the federal government. The corruption is emanating from the Oval Office, as Trump looks to be on collision with Democrats on impeachment.

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