Trump’s 3 Worst Nightmares All Come True Now That Democrats Control The House

There will be no wall, Robert Mueller will be protected, and Trump’s dirty business secrets will be exposed now that Democrats control the House.

The Border Wall Is Dead

If Trump wants funding for his wall, he is going to have to reverse his immigration policies. Democrats have been steadfast in holding Trump to his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. If the president wants to see a dime for his wall from the House, the price starts at a pathway to citizenship for the Dreamers.

Since this president just spent a month fear mongering about immigrants, and views immigration as central to his reelection campaign, the odds of him reversing his stance on immigrants and immigration are exactly zero, which means that come 2020, Trump will still be whining about his border wall.

Trump will not be able to fire Robert Mueller

As MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell stated on election night, “Robert Mueller cannot be fired. That threat is over. Donald Trump will try to fire him again. He will want to try to try to fire him again. But more than one voice in the White House will explain to him that if he does that, the House of Representatives will begin an impeachment investigation that day.”

Voters wanted a check on Trump, and this is a big one. If Trump tries to pull a Saturday Night Massacre, Democrats will move on impeachment. Trump’s meddling in the Russia investigation has been immediately checked. If Trump does fire Mueller, the Democratic House will hire him back in January.

Trump is now stuck with the Russia investigation for the rest of his presidency.

Trump’s dirty business deals are about to be revealed

Who is bankrolling Donald Trump? It is a question that has been on the minds of most Americans, and House Democrats have already announced that they are going to acquire Trump’s tax returns. The secrets that Trump has been hiding since 2015 are about to exposed, and the tax returns themselves will likely set off a flurry of investigations surrounding the Trump family finances.

Trump isn’t prepared for what is about to hit him. His presidential power took a massive hit when Democrats took back the House, but more importantly, the president will no longer be able to use the House as part of his cover-up operation. Trump will no longer be able to govern unilaterally, and his days of hiding secrets from the American people are over.

The nightmare scenario has come true for Donald Trump.

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