Sen. Angus King: If Trump Is Innocent Why Does He Act Guilty?

Sen. Angus King (I-ME) asked if Trump is innocent of any wrongdoing with Russia, why is he firing people and trying to shut down the investigation?

Sen. King said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, “Leader McConnell could bring it up on the floor this afternoon and certainly after the Thanksgiving, but I frankly don’t understand the resistance. This is something where Congress should stand up for the Independence of this investigation and its importance to the public confidence. And the president keeps saying that he is innocent, and if he is innocent, then why is he firing people and continuing to attack the integrity of this investigation? It is in his best interest for the investigation to continue if indeed it will clear him of any allegation of wrongdoing in the 2016 campaign. But his actions don’t sound like somebody who has nothing to fear from the investigation.


Trump keeps acting guilty on Russia

Donald Trump muddies the waters every single day on the Russia investigation. Trump has admitted that he installed Matthew Whitaker as attorney general because of the Mueller investigation. This isn’t complicated. Donald Trump is acting guilty because he has something to hide and is probably guilty.

Trump most likely isn’t going to fire Mueller because doing so would trigger an immediate impeachment investigation in the House. Mueller would also be called to testify before House Democrats and would be able to publicly discuss the investigation if he was fired. A firing would allow the House to hire him and continue the investigation under a new title, so the odds of Trump firing Mueller are low. Trump is trying to stall and strangle the investigation.

Innocent people don’t try to sabotage investigation that could clear their names.

Trump isn’t acting like he is innocent, which is why Congress should urgently move to protect the Mueller investigation.

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