Trump Turns The Medal Of Freedom Ceremony Totally Weird And Creepy

Trump managed to make the Medal of Freedom Ceremony weird and creepy by making a remark about the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s sex life.

Trump said, “Through nearly 900 written opinions and more than 30 years on the bench, Justice Scalia defended the American system of government and preserved the foundation of American freedom. Our whole nation is indeed indebted to Justice Scalia for his lifetime of noble and truly incredible service. Joining us for this ceremony is his wife Maureen who’s become a great friend of my family, myself. And their nine children. Anne, Gene, John, Katherine, Mary Clair, Paul, Matthew, Christopher, and Meg. You were very busy. Wow. Wow. I always knew I liked him.”


Trump Makes The Medal of Freedom Creepy

Trump can’t do anything without reminding the country that no matter how many presidential seals you throw up in front of him, Donald Trump is sleazy. We can also add conception to the list of things that Trump doesn’t understand. The number of times that a couple has sex does not equal the number of children that they have. It is all a matter of fertility and luck, but Donald Trump thinks that having nine kids means that you’ve had a lot of sex. No. What it means is that you’ve had sex a minimum of nine times.

This president is capable of being both creepy and unintelligent in the same sentence.

Trump manages to lower the presidential bar with everything that he does.

Donald Trump hasn’t been enhanced by the presidency. His presence in the White House has diminished all that the presidency should stand for.

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