Stacey Abrams Rips Brian Kemp For Stealing Georgia Election

Democrat Stacey Abrams ripped Brian Kemp for being a bad actor as Secretary of State and essentially stealing the Georgia governor election.

Abrams said, “The problem we have it is death by a thousand cuts. It’s not sufficient to simply purge voters from the rolls for inactivity. He removed voters who were eligible. He also denied access to three thousand citizens who should have been added to the rolls, but he prevented them from being able to vote. And the larger issue is this, trust in our democracy relies on believing there are good actors who are making this happen. He was a horrible actor who benefited from his perfidy.


Abrams was asked if she thought that there was deliberate interferance in the election:

She said, ” Yes. And I believe it began eight years ago with the systematic disenfranchisement of more than a million voters. It continued with underfunding and disinvestment in polling places, training, and in the management of the county delivery of services, and I think it had its pinnacle in this race….There was a deliberate and intentional disinvestment and I think destruction of the administration of elections in the state of Georgia.”

Just Because It Is Legal, Doesn’t Mean It’s Right

Abrams was asked if the election was stolen, and she answered that under Georgia law, Kemp is the legally recognized governor. The problem is that the law enabled someone like Brian Kemp to steal an election by using his position as Secretary of State to deny people the vote and shape the composition of the electorate so that he could win.

The election wasn’t a true reflection of the popular will of the state of Georgia. That is the problem.

Abrams did say that she is going to be back and that she will run again:

If possible, it is easy to see her running for House of Representatives in 2020.

Abrams is likely not done with running statewide, and she still looks, sounds, and acts like someone who will be the future governor of Georgia.

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