Obama Puts Trump To Shame By Volunteering At Food Bank While This President Golfs


As Trump was wasting millions of taxpayer dollars going to play golf in Florida, former president Obama was volunteering at a food pantry in Chicago.

Video of Obama:


Meanwhile, this is what Trump was up to:

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham says the president was playing “a quick round” on Wednesday with golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Nicklaus’s professional golfer son Gary, and his grandson G.T.

Obama gives back to others. Trump only gives to himself. A time when the nation has a president who uses the office to divide and destroy, it is important to look at the example that Barack Obama continues to set and remember how a president is supposed to behave. Someday soon the honor and dignity of the White House will be restored by someone who understands the aspects of the presidency that Trump demeans and neglects.

Trump will never equal Obama as a president or as a human being.

Obama continues to shine, while all Trump does is hide.