House Republicans Subpoena James Comey And Loretta Lynch on Thanksgiving


In a classic holiday news dump, James Comey and Loretta Lynch were subpoenaed who claimed to be investigating how the FBI and DOJ handled the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Here are the subpoenas for private depositions:


James Comey responded on Twitter:

MSNBC reported:

The Last Gasp Of The Dying GOP House Majority Is An Effort To Save Trump

The subpoenas are all about trying to discredit any evidence that Trump obstructed justice. The House Republicans in one of their last act are continuing to abuse their investigative power in an effort to save this president. Republicans are worried that the Mueller investigation is going to come back with a finding that Trump obstructed justice, so they are setting out a preemptive campaign to defend their president.

In less than two months, House Republicans will no longer be able to cover for Trump, and they are demonstrating that being swept out of power has taught them nothing.

If Donald Trump sinks, the Republican Party is going down with him.

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