Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To Lying To Congress About Trump/Russia Deal

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty to a charge that he lied to Congress the efforts to pursue a Trump Tower deal in Russia.

According to The New York Times:

At the court hearing, Mr. Cohen admitted to making false statements to Congress about his efforts to pursue a Trump Tower deal in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign. That real estate deal has been a focus of the special counsel investigation into whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russian operatives.

In testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mr. Cohen played down the extent of his contact with the Kremlin about the potential project and made other false statements about the negotiations, which never led to a final deal.

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Trump’s Claim Of No Deals In Russia Was A Lie

Trump denied having business dealings in Russia and trying to do deals in Russia throughout the 2016 presidential campaign and during his presidency. It was all a lie. Trump was actively seeking to do a Trump Tower Russia deal while he was running for president. It has been reported for months that Michael Cohen was cooperating with Mueller, but Thursday’s guilty plea made it public.

Donald Trump’s world is unraveling. The conspiracy with Russia and Wikileaks during the presidential election is being exposed. Trump’s ties to Russia are starting to come to light, and Michael Cohen is showing why he is the one former Trump world figure that the White House should be the most afraid of.

Cohen knows all the inner workings of Trump’s connections and dealings, and his cooperation with Robert Mueller means that the Special Counsel also has this knowledge. House Democrats will call Michael Cohen to testify publicly. Trump’s lies about his relationship with Russia are being exposed, as the genie is out of the bottle and there is no way for Trump to get it back in.

America is getting a preview of the final act of the Trump presidency.

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