Small Town America Dumps Trump As Democratic Popularity Grows

Trump has become toxic in small-town America as Democrats have gained in popularity and Trump’s strength is limited to rural communities.

According to the Grinnell College National Poll, the Trump coalition is crumbling, “While President Trump has maintained the rural portion of his base, the broader coalition that helped elect him in 2016 shows signs of weakening. For instance, 71 percent of white men without college degrees voted for Trump in 2016, according to the exit polls. Today only 49 percent of that demographic would definitely vote to re-elect President Trump. Among likely 2020 voters, he also falls short of a 50 percent majority of white men (43%), white men and women without a college degree (46%), and evangelicals (47%).”

Trump is losing small-town America

The idea that a big city real estate con man who was born rich would be able to hold small-town America never really made sense and the polling shows that small towns have also gotten tired of Trump. As Bloomberg wrote, “In rural areas — not including those living in small towns — 46 percent say they’ll definitely vote for him for a second term. But in all other geographic areas, there’s much higher skepticism about a second Trump term. Just 33 percent of those in small towns definitely plan to vote for him, while 27 percent in suburbs and 24 percent in cities say they will.”

Thanks to Trump, 42% of Americans in small towns view the Democratic Party favorably compared to 37% who have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party.

Trump is just harming his own reelection chances. He is making the Republican base smaller and more rural. People in small towns are joining their fellow Americans in cities and suburbs in rejecting this president.

Pretty soon, the Republican Party will be a party solely made up of rural white men.

Donald Trump isn’t making the GOP great. He is pushing it toward the verge of extinction.

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