Ari Melber Destroys Paul Ryan For Ending His Political Career As A Trump Sellout

Ari Melber laid into outgoing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Thursday night, hitting him for ending his political career as a Trump sellout.

In a thorough takedown of the former GOP vice presidential nominee, the MSNBC host said, “Paul Ryan sold out his promise to cut the deficit, just like he sold out his promise to stand up to Donald Trump.”

Melber also pointed out just how little Ryan has accomplished during his tenure as Speaker of the House.


Melber shredded the outgoing speaker:

Here it is. Paul Ryan sold out his promise to cut the deficit. Just like he sold out his promise to stand up to Donald Trump. He literally built an entire 20-year career around claims of fiscal discipline, rising to be his party’s running mate and speaker, and when he got that power did the exact opposite of every single fiscal thing he claimed. So his claims to erase the deficit have been so exposed, so blatant, they too have become a punch line. … Paul Ryan may be laughing, he may go on to a lucrative job, he may not care about selling out a career and a claimed philosophy. He was also — before I go, I want to tell you this, far less productive than others who have had the speaker’s gavel.

Few leaders have been as weak and ineffective as Paul Ryan

Ever since Paul Ryan became a power player in Washington, the so-called political experts called him a deficit hawk and policy wonk – a guy that was serious about tackling problems.

In the Trump era, that mask has completely slipped off and he’s not fooling anybody anymore.

Underneath the phony facade, we’ve seen Paul Ryan for who he is: a spineless political hack who stood silently by as a lawless president trampled on America democracy.

He will not be missed.

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