Rudy Giuliani Just Sunk Trump By Daring Prosecutors To Show Their Evidence

Rudy Giuliani showed why he’s the world’s defense attorney by claiming that Southern District of New York prosecutors doesn’t have evidence to back up Michael Cohen’s statements.

Giuliani said, “There is no way of knowing it other than taking Cohen’s word for it. I mean, the conversations they had, even that tape-recorded conversation that we listened to is just the two of them…They don’t have corroborating evidence. Plus, they wouldn’t let Cohen plead guilty to conspiracy. I ran that office. I know what they do. If I am going to use a cooperator, I’m going to make them plead guilty to a conspiracy, because when he goes on the witness stand, I’m able to say this is who we fill in as the co-conspirator. He pleads guilty to a crime that isn’t even a crime. He’s going to be ripped apart on the witness stand.”


Rudy Giuliani is hurting Trump

It is impossible to plead guilty to actions that aren’t crimes, so Giuliani loses points for common sense. Guiliani dared prosecutors to show their evidence while his whole defense of Trump was a smokescreen fantasy that centers on Trump being innocent because Michael Cohen didn’t get charged with conspiracy, but the SDNY case isn’t about a conspiracy. It is about felony campaign finance violations that used bank fraud and money laundering as their mechanisms.

Prosecutors have more evidence than Cohen’s word. They have taped phone calls, documents, and witnesses who were also in the room. The payments that were made became illegal when they were done to benefit the candidate and the campaign.

Giuliani should be defending Trump. Instead, the world’s worst defense lawyer is throwing gasoline on to the fire.

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