Mueller Preparing Presidential Subpoena If Trump Launches 11th Hour Plot To Kill Russia Probe

Robert Mueller is preparing to subpoena Donald Trump if he abuses his power to kill the special counsel investigation as it reaches its conclusion.

In an interview with MSNBC‘s Ari Melber, Caroline Polisi – the lawyer for George Papadopoulos – said Mueller‘s team isn’t afraid to play hardball if Trump tries to “do an end-run around the probe or use pardons.”

“I’ve heard reporting that they’re gearing up for a potential subpoena showdown,” she said.


The exchange:

MELBER: Based on your dealings with the special counsel‘s office, do you think they’re ready for what Trump may do next, including potentially trying to do an end-run around the probe or use pardons?

POLISI: Oh gosh, I have no idea. I’ve heard reporting that they’re gearing up for a potential subpoena showdown. We heard Rudy say over his dead body that Trump would go in and talk to —

MELBER: You think Mueller would still subpoena for actual live testimony?

POLISI: I think if he felt like he needed it, he would absolutely do so. If he felt like the law was on his side. He’s a sort of a straight-laced guy. He’s probably going to follow that office of legal counsel memorandum saying —

MELBER: And what’s one thing you learned about them from dealing directly with them that the rest of us might not know?

POLISI: They play hardball. I will say that. … They are tough.

Mueller is prepping for the worst-case Trump scenario 

Trump is becoming increasingly desperate as the Russia investigation gets closer to him and his family, and Bob Mueller appears to be taking notice.

Instead of assuming that Trump will cooperate as this investigation reaches its conclusion, Mueller’s team is preparing for the more likely scenario in which the president goes completely off the cliff and wages war on the rule of law.

If the president tries to pardon his way out of trouble or if he further abuses his presidential powers to thwart the special counsel investigation, Mueller is prepared to deal with it.

As Timothy O’Brien of Bloomberg wrote on Monday, Trump is caught in a legal vise and Bob Mueller isn’t about to let him get out of it.

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