Trump Under Investigation For Defense Of Russian Foreign Policy

Donald Trump‘s bizarre and absurd defense of Russian foreign policy is under scrutiny and investigation for what it reveals about his knowledge of Russian propaganda.

MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace reported, “A former senior U.S. Intelligence official tells me today that it is safe to assume that Donald Trump‘s bizarre defenses of Russian foreign policy are under scrutiny as we speak.”


Trump‘s repeating of Russian propaganda, and the glorification of the Soviet Union could have come straight out of the mouth of Putin. Trump‘s comments are already likely being investigated by the intelligence community, the Mueller investigation, and it will soon be taken up by House Democrats.

The burning question is how is this information being passed to Donald Trump?

Trump‘s comments raise the possibility that the administration has been compromised and infiltrated by Putin allies. The Russians may have done more than install a president. They might be running an administration while letting Trump and his ego believe that he is in charge.

The Russia investigation needs to go deeper than the 2016 campaign. Investigators also need to look at the behavior of this administration and if the Russians are running US foreign policy. Trump‘s comments on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were more than ignorant. They were straight up Putin propaganda that has set off alarm bells within the national security community. Trump‘s statements raise a new series of dark questions about how deep the Trump/Russia relationship goes and if it is still ongoing.

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