Stephanie Ruhle Rips Trump For Being A Deadbeat Who Can’t Relate To Shutdown Workers


MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle said that Trump couldn’t relate to federal workers who can’t pay their bills because he has not paid his creditors for decades.

Ruhle said, “Here’s a letter to send to your creditors. Yesterday when President Trump was asked about these federal workers, what they’re going to do if they don’t get a paycheck, he said he can relate and they will adjust. He can relate because for years as a real estate developer he didn’t pay his creditors, his contractors or subcontractors or architects. He can relate to people not getting paid. He didn’t pay them. He certainly cannot relate to that corrections officer in Pueblo.”



Trump is telling federal workers who have to choose between paying their bills and eating to not pay their bills. Donald Trump has never had to live off of a paycheck signed by anyone other than himself or his dad. The trust fund baby president has no clue what his refusal to open the government is doing to hundreds of thousands of federal workers and their families. The level of cruelty in Trump’s actions is not surprising, because cruelty has been the defining characteristic of this president.

Stephanie Ruhle was correct. Trump can’t relate because he is the one who has always taken food off of the tables of those who entered into good faith agreements with his company. Trump has never been on the receiving end of what he is doing to federal workers.

Republicans are getting squeamish because paychecks are about to be missed and the shutdown is getting real.

The president has no understanding of what people are going through, and even worse, he doesn’t care.

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