Sarah Sanders Mocked Jim Acosta And It Totally Backfired

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders mocked Jim Acosta for his tweet along the border, but her mocking quickly backfired on the entire White House.

Acosta tweeted:

Sanders responded:

But Acosta had more, much more:

The doctored video dig was a reference to how the White House doctored video as justification for taking away Acosta’s White House press pass, but just for good measure, Acosta drove the point home hard:

Sarah Sanders now has all the time in the world to troll Twitter, since she no longer does her job and holds press briefings, but if the White House is going to fight with a journalist in front of the entire world, they should not get owned and end up looking like total tools. It is rumored that Sanders is still in the White House because she can’t get another job, and all this backfired troll job on Acosta did is prove why she is unemployable.

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