Nicolle Wallace: Trump Collusion Was About Being Bought, Paid For, and Owned By The Russians

Nicolle Wallace explained that Trump collusion is really about Trump and his family being bought, paid for, and owned by the Russians.

Wallace said on her MSNBC show Deadline: White House, “Donald Trump never thought he would win. So he didn’t release — didn’t pull the curtain back. He wasn’t a normal candidate. Even he thought it was impossible to win. He did not write a victory he did not think he would win. He didn’t do any of the normal I remember Mitt Romney calling him to release his taxes, a normal pressure point, the last nominee from your own party saying it’s what everyone does, but never did any of those things, one, he’s Donald Trump. Two, he never thought he was going to win so the collusion wasn’t so much about political ambition, it was about being bought and paid for and owned by the Russians.”


From the Russian perspective, collusion was about installing their owned candidate who could weaken the US, destabilize the West, carry out their foreign policy dreams, and lift the crippling sanctions. As Nicolle Wallace said, Trump keep his Russian cash pipeline a secret and keep the cash flowing in the future.

The Russia scandal isn’t the usual case of candidate cheating because they wanted to win. Trump was conspiring with a hostile foreign government for financial gain. Trump sold out his country to Russia for money. The stars aligned properly and the conspiracy just effective enough for Trump to slide into the White House, but the spotlight that comes with winning is what is leading to Trump‘s undoing.

The investigations, criminal charges, and prison sentences all came about because Trump‘s candidacy called attention to his criminal activities.

Never has a US president been purchased and owned by a foreign country.

The collusion was about hiding Trump‘s status as a Russian asset.

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