Trump Is Blowing A Gasket Over Rudy Giuliani’s Russia Screw Ups

Last updated on January 24th, 2019 at 04:23 am

Trump spent his entire weekend fuming after Rudy Giuliani screwed up and admitted that Trump was trying to do business with Russia through Election Day 2016.

Politico reported:
Trump was apoplectic after a pair of weekend media interviews by his personal lawyer, in which Giuliani said that the president had been involved in discussions to build a Trump Tower Moscow through the end of the 2016 campaign — a statement that enraged Trump because it contradicted his own public position, according to two sources close to the president.

Giuliani’s statement was the latest in a series of remarks over several months that have required walk-backs or reversals, and Trump spent much of Sunday and Monday fuming to aides and friends about his lawyer’s missteps. Most of those people share Trump’s frustration, noting that the former New York City mayor often appears to lack a mastery of the facts of Trump’s legal headaches.

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Asked who in the White House is responsible for handling Giuliani’s missteps, a White House aide said, “Handling Rudy’s fuck ups takes more than one man.”

Rudy Giuliani Is Really Bad At Being Trump’s Lawyer

All the pundit speculation that has gone on for days about whether or not Rudy Giuliani’s leaking of key details of Trump’s crimes can be put to bed now. It turns out that Giuliani is just terrible at his job, and likely the world’s worst TV defense lawyer. Giuliani admitted that Trump was trying to do business with the Russians all through the 2016 election, which directly contradicts every single thing that Trump has ever said on the matter. Giuliani‘s statements also provided the motive for Trump to conspire with Russia.

Trump is frustrated with Giuliani, but the reality is that there are few people who are willing to go on television and defend the president. Trump is stuck with Rudy because Giuliani is willing to defend him. Rudy Giuliani has done more damage to Donald Trump‘s defense than any other presidential lawyer in the television era. Members of the mainstream media don’t want to believe the truth that a failed president has managed to get a terrible lawyer to speak for him on television.

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