Trump Still Isn’t Getting His State Of The Union After Shutdown Cave

Speaker Pelosi made it clear that Trump caved, but there will be no SOTU until the government is open and they agree on a date.

Pelosi was asked if the State Of The Union is planned.

She answered, “It is not planned now. What I said to the president, when the government is open we will discuss a mutually agreeable date and I look forward to doing that and welcome the president to the House of Representatives for the State Of The Union when we agree on a date.”


Pelosi is no fool. She is not going to accept a temporary opening of the government, give Trump his SOTU, and then have Trump shut the government down again in three weeks when he doesn’t get his wall money.

Trump will get his SOTU after he signs a bill to keep the government open. Nancy Pelosi knows what she’s doing, and she also understands that she can’t trust Trump as far as she can throw him. The President is going to have to open the government, keep the government, and agree to a date before the State Of The Union will be held.
Nancy Pelosi is the adult in the room, and she is going to make sure that Trump follows through before there is a SOTU.

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