Trump Will Sign Bill, Declare an Emergency and Prove He Is a Fraud

The Associated Press (AP) reports this morning that Donald Trump is planning to do two big things today:

  • Sign into law the bill that Congress passed yesterday funding border security while also keeping the government open, and
  • Declare a national emergency when he appears in the Rose Garden at 10 a.m. for remarks on “the national security and humanitarian crisis on our southern border.”

To keep his right-wing anti-immigrant base happy he now plans to bypass Congress and siphon billions of dollars from other federal coffers for his wall on the Mexican border.

But some people think that all of this just proves that Trump is a fraud.

Karine Jean-Pierre, a senior adviser for, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday that President Donald Trump’s planned national emergency declaration proves that he is far from the brilliant deal maker he pitched himself as when he ran for president in 2016.

“He’s getting $2 billion — not for a wall, but for fencing — and now is going to call for a national emergency declaration,” she said. “It just shows you how bad of a deal maker Donald Trump is. He is not a masterful negotiator. He’s essentially a fraud. He bankrupts his businesses and now he wants to bankrupt our country.”

Conservative New York Times writer Bret Stephens added that Republicans will eventually regret Trump abusing national emergency powers to build a wall without getting authorization from the Congress. He said:

“We do not believe, as conservatives, that too much power ought to be concentrated in the hands of one office holder.”

“The powers that Trump appropriates for himself now… are powers that future Democratic presidents are certainly going to seize using this as a precedent! These faux-conservatives are going to rue the day when they handed over so much power to an executive to act as he or she pleases.”

According to the AP:

“Money in the bill for border barriers, about $1.4 billion, is far below the $5.7 billion Trump insisted he needed and would finance just a quarter of the 200-plus miles (322 kilometers) he wanted. The White House said he’d sign the legislation but act unilaterally to get more, prompting condemnations from Democrats and threats of lawsuits from states and others who might lose federal money or said Trump was abusing his authority.”

Nancy Pelosi Won’t Let Trump Get Away With Fraud

Last night we reported that Democrats are ready to fight Trump’s national emergency con, writing:

“Speaker Pelosi made it clear that Democrats are ready to not only sue Trump over any national emergency declaration to build a wall, but a future Democratic president will act on the precedent that Trump will set.”

“What is likely to happen is that Democrats will get the courts to block Trump from moving or using any appropriated funds to build his wall.”

“The president’s wall is going to end up tied up in court for years. There is a strong possibility that Trump will be impeached or voted out office before the cases are settled. Democrats aren’t going to sit back and watch Trump trash the Constitution.”

Pelosi may also have the House vote to block Trump’s national emergency declaration, which would require the Senate to vote also. And right now, it appears that the majority of Republicans in the Senate will not be supportive of the president.

What Trump is doing now proves that he is weak, that he is a bad negotiator, and that he is a fraud. As this new drama plays out, the likely result will be for Nancy Pelosi to win another victory over a desperate and ineffectual president whose time remaining in office is running short.

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