Adam Schiff Warns Trump That The Truth Will Come Out

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) expressed confidence that no matter what Trump does to bury the Mueller report, the truth will come out.

Schiff was asked on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell if he is confident that the truth will come out.

Rep. Schiff said, “I am. The truth is going to come out. We are going to use whatever means necessary to compel the Justice Department to be forth they’d be much better off not fighting it, not look like they’re trying to cover something up. Indeed, the case for providing this information in the Mueller investigation is far stronger than it was in the Clinton investigation. For this reason. One of the reasons the special counsel regulations were written and the office was created is because it was important that the chief executive not be allowed to cover up a crime. In the case of Hillary Clinton, she wasn’t the president. There wasn’t that danger that she could cover up things because she controlled the Justice Department. That danger exists here. That’s a much more powerful reason for transparency and disclosure than it was when they gave 880,000 pages of discovery in the Clinton case to the Congress.”


Adam Schiff is right. The Mueller report will come out

Trump hasn’t exactly been clever or deceptive about his plan to keep Mueller’s findings secret. Trump has tried to keep defendants quiet by dangling pardons. If defendants stay quiet, Mueller is deprived of information. Should Mueller get the information, Trump is trying to bury the Mueller report, so that the American people never get to see it.

The House has so many tools at their disposal to get the Mueller report that Trump will not be able to hide it. He might be able to delay it by dragging his feet on the release, but eventually, the House will subpoena it, and the facts will be revealed.

Trump can do this the easy way, or the hard way, but either way, he is going to lose.

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