Trump’s Terrible Week Gets Worse As Mueller Shows He Isn’t Done Yet


Forget the idea that the Mueller investigation is ending soon, as the special counsel declined to proceed with sentencing on Rick Gates because he is still cooperating with multiple investigations.

More bad news for Trump:

Trump’s bad week is getting even worse


The rumors that the Mueller investigation was finished look increasingly like something that was put out by Trump and his legal team to try to pressure the special counsel to finish his investigation. Mueller appears to be nowhere near done. If the special counsel’s office is still running multiple investigations that is a sign that Mueller probably has months, not days or weeks left to go.

This week has been a disaster for Trump. He has seen his former campaign chairman face new unpardonable charges in New York state and been humiliated by Senate Republicans on his fake national emergency declaration, and he has been cited by a white supremacist as an inspirational leader for a terrorist attack against Muslims in New Zealand.

Donald Trump‘s troubles are multiplying, as the reality has set in on the White House that Robert Mueller isn’t going away anytime soon.

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