There Is Damning Evidence Against Trump In The Mueller Report

MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace said that the Mueller report contains evidence against that anyone who reads it will view as damning.

On her MSNBC program Deadline: White House, Wallace said, “Let me follow up with you and ask you about the evidence on both sides. I understand that the evidence on the side of not calling it a crime is really very much steeped in the law. That they’re understanding an analysis of the law was that the article 2 authorities gave the president a lot of running room. But that the evidence, what we may very well see, is conduct that will be clear to anyone who looks at it as pretty damning.”


Nicolle Wallace has consistently demonstrated that she is well plugged into the intelligence community and government officials. Her understanding is based on what she has been told. It is also clear based on the lengths that Trump and his allies are going to in the efforts to bury the report that it contains damaging info on Trump and his relationship with Russia.

The Republican attack on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff is part of the White House plan to kill investigations and hide evidence. Anyone who thought that Robert Mueller let them down needs to rethink their position because it looks like Mueller did his job. The problem is that Donald Trump won’t let the American people see his work.

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