Trump Seeks Dershowitz Help with Kushner’s Failed Middle East Peace Plan

In 2017 Donald Trump put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of creating a plan to bring peace to the Middle East. It didn’t seem to matter to the president that the greatest diplomats in history couldn’t accomplish this objective, and Jared had absolutely no experience in international diplomacy.

Let’s call Trump’s illogical move “nepotism at its finest.”

And now, after two years on the job, Kushner still has not released anything resembling a comprehensive peace plan that Trump had promised. So in desperation Trump has brought in one of his biggest defenders, Alan Dershowitz, to help out with the difficult process.

Who knew that peace in the Middle East could be so hard to accomplish?

According to a new Daily Beast report Dershowitz has discussed the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians with several different Trump administration officials. They include Kushner, special envoy Jason Greenblatt and Ambassador David Friedman.

In one of his first controversial moves, Dershowitz says that he advised the administration to formally recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Doing this would violate the international norm of not recognizing claims of territories that were seized during wars.

“I compared the Golan Heights to a captured battleship,” Dershowitz said. ‘You don’t give back a battleship you’ve captured in a defensive war.”

Despite being asked for his advice, however, Dershowitz says he still doesn’t know what exactly is in Kushner’s peace plan (if one even exists).

“It changes all the time,” he said. “I’m not privy to the specifics, the current specifics, but mostly it’s been one-way conversations—that is, they ask for my advice. They don’t tell me their secrets. They just ask me for my advice, and I give it to them.”

Jared Kushner Doesn’t Know What He Is Doing

One thing obvious from the two years of the Trump presidency is that Donald Trump has not hired “the best people” as he had promised to do.

The fact that he hired his unqualified son-in-law for such a difficult and high-profile job as bringing peace to the Middle East shows how clueless he is.

Just as troubling as hiring family members is his practice of hiring only people who have praised him on television. Alan Dershowitz has been a regular on Fox News for years, and has always defended Donald Trump against his critics.

It is obvious that neither Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, nor Alan Dershowitz have a Middle East peace plan. The fact that they are pretending to have one is just one more example of how they blatantly lie to the American people — and to the world.