Jared Kushner To Release Mideast Peace Plan Even Though He’s A National Security Risk

Even though Jared Kushner is a known risk to American national security, he reportedly wants to be taken seriously later this month as he reveals his so-called Middle East peace plan.

According to Politico, “Jared Kushner will crisscross the Middle East later this month seeking buy-in for his peace plan from leaders throughout the region.”

The report notes that Kushner’s trip “will include stops in Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.”

More from the report:

During the trip, the president’s son-in-law will for the first time share significant details of the economic portion of the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan, whose development he has spent nearly two years overseeing.

“Jared is going to present the economic plan to the region. The economic plan only works if the region supports it,” a senior administration official said Tuesday. “We understand that if the political aspect of it is not solid, the economic aspect is meaningless. But at the same time the political aspect will not succeed without a proper economic plan.”

The White House is preparing to release a finalized plan for a negotiated solution between Israel and the Palestinians in the coming months, administration officials said, though they stressed they are unlikely to do so before Israeli elections scheduled for April 9. The economic portion of the plan includes a package of public and private-sector investments in all sectors of the Palestinian economy.

Politico notes that Trump promised in September that Kushner’s highly anticipated peace plan would be ready within four months, but that deadline has already passed.

Even though Kushner plans to reveal some of his proposals later in the month, the report adds that we could be months away from learning what his solution is to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Jared Kushner shouldn’t be anywhere near American foreign policy

While Donald Trump’s son-in-law jets around the world acting like a foreign policy heavyweight, he continues to be exposed at home as a clear threat to U.S. national security.

As NBC News reported last month, Kushner’s request for top-secret security clearance was initially rejected by multiple career White House security officials because of concerns over his foreign conflicts. Kushner only got approval when Trump’s hand-picked Pentagon official stepped into to overrule the career security officials.

But the concerns haven’t gone away. In fact, it’s even more alarming that Kushner still has access to sensitive intelligence after everything we’ve learned.

If there’s a good chance you’ve been compromised by international adversaries, you shouldn’t be in charge of running a key part of America’s foreign policy.

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