In Saturday Morning Meltdown, Trump Claims Democrats Have No Right To Investigate Him

Trump is nervous over the House Russia investigation led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and claiming that Congress doesn’t have the right to investigate him.

Trump tweeted:

The Constitution Requires Congress To Conduct Oversight Of Trump

The answer to Trump’s question of why Democrats should have the right to investigate him is that the Constitution not only gives House Democrats the right to investigate but requires the legislative branch of the government to conduct oversight on the executive branch of the government. The concept that Donald Trump can’t grasp is that the House is part of a co-equal branch of government.

Constitutionally speaking, the House and Senate and not inferior to Trump. The executive in our system of government is one-third of a co-equal system of governance.

Democrats not only have a right to investigate, but they have a constitutional duty under the system of checks and balances to conduct oversight over Trump and his administration.

Never in his life has Trump been a co-equal part of anything. Trump doesn’t have unlimited power. He can’t make things happen just with his words or tweets.

Trump is nervous about the release of the redacted Mueller report. He knows that there is going to be enough in the report to fuel more investigations into his relationship with Russia.

The president’s tweet was that of a cornered president who is realizing that his attempt to bury the Mueller report has failed, and more truth, no matter how limited, is about to dribble out to the public.

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