Pelosi Beefs Up Rep. Omar’s Security To Protect Her From Trump Threats

Speaker Pelosi has made sure that the Capitol Police provide Rep. Omar, her family, and her staff with proper security while demanding that Trump take down his dangerous tweet.

Pelosi said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Following the President’s tweet, I spoke with the Sergeant-at-Arms to ensure that Capitol Police are conducting a security assessment to safeguard Congresswoman Omar, her family and her staff. They will continue to monitor and address the threats she faces. The President’s words weigh a ton, and his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates real danger. President Trump must take down his disrespectful and dangerous video.”
Trump’s tweet was especially reckless and dangerous given that one of his supporters was recently arrested for threatening to kill Rep. Omar. The Trump administration has been trying to turn the president’s threats against a sitting member of Congress into an issue of Democrats hating Jews and supporting Muslims, who this White House clearly believes are all terrorists.

Speaker Pelosi was correct Trump had put the lives of a member of Congress, her family, and her staff in danger.

Trump will go to any low to scare and divide the country, but Democrats are going to everything possible to protect their members from the threats and partisan terrorism that is being practiced by Donald Trump.

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