Rep. Jackie Speier: The Only Way To Get Rid Of Barr Is To Impeach Him

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said that Attorney General Barr will never resign so if Congress wants him gone, he’ll need to be impeached.

Rep. Speier said, “Barr won’t resign. He may need to be impeached. I think he has shown that he is not the attorney for the American people. He is the Roy Cohn for Donald Trump…He is not here to ensure that justice is done. He’s here to make sure that Donald Trump is protected.”

When asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett if she was in favor of impeaching Barr at this time, Speier said, “I would certainly consider it. He’s not going to resign, so that’s just a nice way of saying that he should go. The only way he would go is if we were to impeach him.


Rep. Speier was right. William Barr isn’t going to resign on his own. If the American people want Trump’s human shield removed from the Justice Department, they are going to have to pressure Congress to impeach him, because Barr is here for the long haul. The Mueller investigation isn’t the only federal legal problem that Donald Trump has.

Trump wanted a Roy Cohn, which means that the Southern District of New York better be on high alert.

Bob Barr’s symphony of corruption is just getting warmed up.

If Congress wants to stop him, they must impeach him.

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