More Americans Want Trump To Resign Than Want Him To Stay In Office

A new Reuters poll found that more Americans want Trump to resign than want him to stay in office.

More Americans Want Trump to Resign Than Want Him To Stay In Office

By a margin of 47%-37%, the American people said that Trump should resign. There is more support for Trump resigning than there is for the president being impeached. Only 40% of respondents favored impeachment and 42% opposed.

In less than a month, the number of people who thought that Trump should not resign has dropped from 46%-37%, while the number of Americans calling for his resignation has increased from 46%-47%%.

Trump is losing defenders

The Mueller report may not have immediately persuaded more people to call for Trump’s resignation, but it did cause a sizable number of people who thought Trump should stay in office to abandon him.

Trump’s base is shrinking to nothing more than the deepest of the true believers.
It is too soon to tell whether the Mueller report itself will be a big issue in the 2020 election, but what Mueller has done is lay out a roadmap for the congressional investigations of Trump obstruction of justice.

The 2020 election could be defined by the urgent desire of a majority of Americans to get the one man Trump crime wave out of office.

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Read the full Reuters/Ipsos poll below:

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