Trump Claims Kid Told Him To Build The Wall At White House Easter Egg Roll

Trump is claiming a child told him to “build the wall” during the White House Easter Egg Roll.

A Kid Told Trump To Build The Wall At White House Easter Egg Roll

This nugget came from White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA, “I didn’t hear this but others in the pool did: During the event the president looked up at one point while coloring the cards with the kids and said one of the children told him to build the wall. Will send exact quote when I get it.”

The report is unverified and there is no exact quote yet, but it would appear that Trump is using small children and an Easter Egg roll to spread his border propaganda and lies.

Trump’s Bigoted Views Are Impacting Children

Children see, hear, and are influenced by more than adults think. Donald Trump and the culture of division and ugliness that he is spreading are having an impact on children. Given Trump’s propensity to lie about everything big and small at all times, it is likely that a child never told the president to build the wall, but the problem for our society is that is is possible.

Trump is using kids to push his agenda, and not even the White House Easter Roll is safe from the president’s propaganda.

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