Trump Thinks He Will Fight Impeachment In The Supreme Court (He Can’t)

Trump believes that if House Democrats impeach him, he can fight it in the Supreme Court, but that is not even possible.

Trump Thinks The Supreme Court Can Save Him From Impeachment

Trump tweeted:

Trump can’t possibly be this stupid, but he is

Take it away Laurence Tribe:

Trump may try to run to the Supreme Court, but the high court will decline to hear anything that he brings before them on impeachment. The Constitution is very clear on impeachment. The Supreme Court has no rule in the process, except the Chief Justice who presides over the impeachment trial in the Senate. Republicans used to hate frivolous lawsuits, but Trump is abusing the court system to delay and obstruct investigations.

Trump is being guided by the lethal combination of desperation and idiocy.

His lack of knowledge about our system of governance is going to come back to haunt him, and possibly save the nation.

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