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Biden Strategy Works As Flustered Kellyanne Conway Can’t Defend Trump

Kellyanne Conway brought up Charlottesville during a Sunday morning interview, and her failed defense of Trump was that he was talking about statues, not racists.

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Kellyanne Conway failed to defend Trump support of racists

Conway tried to claim that Trump was discussing monuments, not neo-Nazis when he said that there were fine people on both sides.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked, “Who were these very fine people? Let me just set the stage here. It was called the Unite The Right rally, and it was formed by people like Richard Spencer who is a white supremacist. Friday was the tiki torch march. Saturday, Heather Heyer was killed. Who were the very fine people he was talking about?”

Kellyanne Conway answered with a word salad, “He was talking about the debate over moving statues and renaming parks.”

Tapper asked, “So he wasn’t talking about the weekend at all?”


Conway said that he condemned them fully, which he never did because he walked back any criticism within a day of putting it out there.

Tapper said that he was talking about people in Charlottesville, and Conway shifted to an attack on The New York Times.

The Joe Biden Strategy of Making This Election About Trump’s Character Is Working

Conway had no defense for Trump’s comments. The one she tried didn’t work, because it defied common sense. Trump’s racism and bigotry are baked into the perception of who Trump is with voters.

The Biden strategy of going after Trump’s character is working, and it has caused a shift that didn’t happen in 2016. The Trump team is on the defensive. They are trying to defend the indefensible, and the seeds are being sown for the 2020 election to be a referendum on Trump, and as Kellyanne Conway showed the playground bullies of presidential politics couldn’t handle being punched.

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