Republican Congressman Will Hurd Calls On Mueller To Testify

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) broke ranks with the rest of his party and called on special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before the House.

Rep. Hurd says Mueller should testify

Rep. Hurd (R-TX) said, “We’re talking about a report. One dude’s opinion of a report written by another dude. Let’s have that dude who wrote that report come to Congress and talk about that and people get to ask him questions, and then again, we should be talking about this disinformation strategy and how to deal with it.”


Hurd made it sound simple because it is simple. It’s common sense that since there is a dispute about what is in the report between Mueller and Barr, Congress had heard from Barr, so they should also hear from Mueller.

The White House doesn’t want Mueller talking or answering questions from Congress, because he will stomp their false narrative that the report cleared Trump into the ground.

Rep. Hurd’s comments demonstrate that Trump has painted the Republicans into a corner on Mueller. Every time that Mitch McConnell says case closed, the pressure grows to have Mueller testify.

At some point. Mueller is going to speak, and when it does it will turn our simmering national crisis into a blazing inferno that will consume Trump and all of his enablers in the Republican Party.

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