Chuck Schumer Busts Trump And Fox News For Tantrum Collusion

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) accused Trump of tipping off Fox News before he threw his White House temper tantrum.

Sen. Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow:

They were just afraid, unable to put together any infrastructure plan. And they found a very inelegant way to wiggle out of it. But second, these investigations are really getting under his skin because the courts in the last two days, as you mentioned earlier, have gotten right to the core of what Trump is most afraid of, people look at all the financial stuff, whether it’s being from the banks or from his accountant. So this was preplanned. There is no question about it. He had that little sign out there in the Rose Garden.

The minute I walked out of the meeting after he threw his temper tantrum. They had Fox News on and they were already talking about what the president was doing. And there was no way they could have found out unless they knew ahead of time. So the bottom line is that he had no intention of doing this, and he’s just making — showing how incapable he is of being president.


Trump colluded with Fox News because he thought his tantrum would make him look strong

Trump did his whole outburst because he is rattled by all of the losses in court, but also because he thought that it would make him “look strong” to “stand up” to the Democrats, and he enlisted his state-run cable news network to push the story.

There is no way that Fox News could have known about what happened at the White House so quickly unless Trump tipped them off in advance.

Fox News is propaganda and state-run television, but instead of making Trump look strong the scheme backfired and made the president look like a giant man-baby.

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