Reeling Trump Rants And Raves During Friday Impeachment Meltdown

Trump isn’t letting up as impeachment paranoia has gripped him, and he is melting down live across all platforms.

Trump is obsessed with getting impeached

Trump tweeted:

There are desperation and urgency to Trump’s tweets. He has gone beyond repeating the same mantra, as no collusion, no obstruction has moved past being his serenity now like plea and reeks of a criminal proclaiming his innocence as he is locked up.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gotten under Trump’s skin because one suspects no one was supposed to be aware of his cover-up. Trump thinks so highly of himself and poorly of everyone else that he believed that he was fooling everyone.

Comments about the president’s mental state have always set him off, but Thursday’s seven-minute prodding of aides on television to proclaim his mental stability was a new low.

There is zero evidence that Trump will win reelection, impeachment or not. The reality is that impeachment might be the best thing that could happen to his reelection campaign, and that speaks volumes about the historic level of failure of the Trump presidency.

The Trump impeachment meltdown has reached day three, and there is no sign that it will be slowing down anytime soon

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