Lindsey Graham Begs America To Ignore Mueller and Believe Barr

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that America should believe William Barr over Robert Mueller, and demanded that the country move on.

Lindsey Graham Begs America to Believe Barr and Forget Trump’s Crimes

Sen. Graham issued a statement, and tweeted:

Sen. Graham knows that obstruction of justice does not require an underlying crime. Secondly, Graham’s point is that everyone should take Bill Barr’s word for it and move on from the Russia investigation, even though Mueller’s press conference strengthened the case for an impeachment investigation, Graham is suggesting that the nation ignore the special counsel and believe Trump’s hand chosen attorney general.

Republicans are desperate to hide Trump’s crimes

At the heart of the matter is desperation by Republicans like Graham to cover-up their president’s wrongdoing. Republicans continue to repeat their lies as they are presented with evidence that Trump is corrupt and unfit for office. Nothing will sway them. Lindsey Graham heard Robert Mueller discuss why Trump wasn’t cleared and his response was to shrug and argue that this is why the country needs to believe Barr.

The case is far from closed. The investigations are only beginning to heat up.

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