Indiana Trump Voters Say They Feel Duped, Betrayed, and Conned By Trump


At Elizabeth Warren’s MSNBC townhall, two women who voted for Donald Trump said that they felt duped, betrayed, and conned by the president.

A voter named Renee said, “I feel duped. I don’t have a lot of faith in political candidates much anymore. They make promises and they make them and break them.”

A Trump voted named Susan added, “About like Renee. I feel like I have been betrayed, let down. I thought Trump was going to really secure American jobs and that’s just not what’s happening out there at all. The jobs that were saved at the Indy plant were never going to leave to begin with.”


Chris Hayes asked so you feel like you were conned?

Susan answered, “Oh, absolutely.”


Elizabeth Warren said that you can’t just wave your arms. You’ve got to have a plan. Sen. Warren then discussed her plan to deal with the climate crisis and create 1.2 million manufacturing jobs and make America the leader in that fight.

Republicans should be terrified. The voters that Trump conned in the Midwest aren’t going to be conned again. Trump claims at his rallies that he has brought manufacturing and jobs back, but the people in towns across the country know the truth.

Trump conned them, and in 2020, they aren’t going to be fooled again.

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