Donny Deutsch Tells NBC Not To Show Trump Tweets During The Debate

Donny Deutsch warned NBC and the DNC not to include Trump’s live tweets during the first Democratic debate.

NBC and the DNC Warned Not To Show Trump’s Tweets During The Debate

Deutsch said on MSNBC, “One final thing on this. If any of the moderators or the DNC incorporates Trump tweets shame on you. Do not let him produce this event. It will show a weakness. If you let him into this event, you are fools. And you are showing your weakness.”


Donny Deutsch was right. Trump is trying to hijack the Democratic debate with his plan to live tweet the event. If NBC and the DNC make Trump’s tweets a part of the debate, they will be allowing him to take attention away from the Democratic candidates and make the debate all about himself.

The American people have tuned out Trump’s Twitter account. It would be a massive mistake for NBC and the DNC to give Trump attention that belongs to the Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party.

Trump’s tweets must be ignored and not put on television during the debate. The president is trying to run a distraction campaign to win reelection. The best thing that NBC could do is not provide him with the opening that he wants.

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