Trump Has Gotten Less From North Korea Than Any Previous President

Don’t be fooled by the photo ops, Donald Trump is doing more for North Korea and getting less from them than any previous president.

Look this comparison of how presidents over the last quarter century have done with North Korea compared to Trump:

Trump keeps giving North Korea everything while getting nothing in return

As Third Way pointed out in March, Trump claims publicity stunts as victories, “The Trump Administration claimed symbolic steps as “victories”21 before the Trump-Kim summit was even held and, in doing so, lowered expectations for what the United States would accept as an outcome. The goal for a deal with North Korea is reducing the threat the country poses to the United States, not simply gaining publicity for the president.”

Trump got conned into being the first president to set foot on North Korean soil and then bragged about getting suckered.

Donald Trump has left negotiations to get North Korea to end their nuclear program with nowhere to go. He has already given Kim Jong-un all of the biggest incentives for compliance while getting zilch in return.

Trump is claiming victory, but the reality is that he has gotten less from the North Koreans than any previous president.

He isn’t winning in North Korea, but Trump is making it impossible for any future president to be successful.

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