Trump Bombs And Puts The Crowd To Sleep With Dull 4th of July Speech

The Trump fans came to hear his hits, but instead, they got teleprompter Trump giving a very dull and forgettable speech.

Trump bored a wet crowd on the 4th of July

In mere moments, Trump began losing the crowd:

By the time he began reading about Thomas Jefferson, the audience was bored:

As he is trying to take healthcare away from 20 million plus people, Trump claimed that Americans always take care of each other.

Trump then moved on to the part of the speech where he has nothing else to say, so he starts introducing guest stars.

Trump tried to bring the crowd back to life by promising a mission to Mars, but the crowd was gone.

Eventually, the crowd became so disinterested that they stopped applauding:

Donald Trump has proven once again that teleprompter Trump is by far the least entertaining version of Trump. The president ranted about the military, but he never connected the troops to defending the freedom embodied by the Declaration of Independence.

Trump’s speech was a rambling grab of incoherence about nothing. He mentioned women’s suffrage and civil rights, but what was obvious to one and all was that Donald Trump was killing time, and had nothing of interest to say.

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