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Fans Chant F*ck Trump On Fox News After US Women Win World Cup

The crowd at a bar in Lyon, France broke into a f*ck Trump chant on Fox News after US Women’s National Team won their fourth World Cup.

Fans chant F*ck Trump on Fox News


As Fox’s Greg Palkot tried to report live from inside a sports bar in Lyon, the crowd had a very different message for Fox News and Donald Trump. The chant wasn’t quiet or subtle. It was a loud and in your face giant F-You to Donald Trump.

The US Women’s National Team is currently suing US Soccer for pay equal to men’s team. The pay gap is especially insulting because the Women’s team is more popular than the men’s team. The team won’t be going to visit Trump in the White House, as they have plans to visit the House and see Speaker Pelosi.

Trump has attacked Megan Rapinoe on Twitter, and Rapinoe said on Saturday that not many if any US players would go to the White House if they were invited by Trump.

Fans in a sports bar in France gave Trump a dose of reality as the president can’t turn on his favorite cable news propaganda network without getting a dose of reality about his lack of popularity.

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