All Hell Breaks Loose In The White House Rose Garden As Trump Supporters Attack Journalists

If you wanted video documentation for just how far the United States has fallen in the Trump era, you got it on Thursday evening following the president’s census cave-in.

In new footage taken by  Katie Rogers of The New York Times, former Trump staffer Sebastian Gorka can be seen storming through the Rose Garden, getting in the face of a White House reporter and then marching off.

“You’re a punk! You’re not a journalist! You’re a punk!” Gorka shouted

In the background, some of the president’s supporters egged Gorka on, whined about the “fake news” and one even said told reporter Brian Karem that Gorka could “kick your punk ass.”


If you’re wondering what caused the Rose Garden dust-up, Rogers noted that it came after journalists asked Donald Trump to take questions. The president, of course, refused to take questions from the media and stormed off.

Trump supporters are lashing out after the president’s big loss

It doesn’t take a whole lot of digging to understand why Donald Trump’s supporters are so sensitive today. After all, their president announced on Thursday that he was caving in on his quest to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

To distract from this loss, Trump announced an executive action which ordered the government to collect citizenship data that it’s already been collecting. In other words, the executive order meant to paper over his census loss went up in flames almost immediately – another loss for the president and his band of supporters.

Over the past two-plus years, this president and the soulless goons with whom he has surrounded himself have weakened the prestige of the presidency and the country in big ways and small.

Thursday’s parking lot-style brawl in the White House Rose Garden was another reminder of just how far the U.S. has fallen in the Trump era.

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