Trump Uses His Social Media Summit To Attack MSNBC

Trump held a social media summit to rant about his Twitter followers, and to attack MSNBC as a crazy network that doesn’t like him.

Trump calls MSNBC crazy


Trump said, “If I put it out on social media, it’s like an explosion. Fox, CNN, crazy MSNBC. They’re stone cold crazy. I made them a lot of money with The Apprentice. I gave them a top show show when they were dying on NBC, but they don’t like me too much.”

Trump also compared Twitter to a typewriter that automatically posts to Facebook, and he admitted that he wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to fail as his replacement on The Apprentice.

Any outlet that reports the truth about Trump or doesn’t give him fawning coverage like Fox News gets deemed crazy.

The fact that Donald Trump doesn’t like them is a sign that MSNBC is doing its job right. Presidents and other elected officials aren’t supposed to like the coverage that they get. The job of the press is to keep the public informed with facts and truth. Sometimes people in power don’t like what is reported, but they should at minimum respect fair and honest coverage. Trump has nothing but contempt for the free press, and his hatred of an informed public was on display in his MSNBC attack.

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