All Hell Breaks Loose As Eric Swalwell Reads Trump’s Racist Statements On The House Floor

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) flipped Republicans out by reading Trump’s racist statements and positions on the House floor.

Rep. Eric Swalwell calls out Trump’s racist statements on the House floor


Rep. Swalwell said, “We have an opportunity today to condemn or condone. Birtherism is racist. Saying a Mexican judge can’t be fair because of his heritage is racist. Saying immigrants from Mexico are rapists is racist. Saying there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville is racist. Calling African countries shithole countries is racist, and telling four members of this body to go home is racist.”

Republicans immediately objected, and Swalwell said, “Do you think it’s not racist to say those things? Do you think it’s not racist? Is that what you’re saying right now, Mr. Collins?”

Democrats are making House Republicans defend Trump’s racism

It has been a heated day in the House as Republicans tried to get Speaker Pelosi’s remarks stricken from the record after she called Trump’s tweets racist. House Democrats are no longer divided. They have rallied around four of their own and they are making life absolutely miserable for Republicans. The message is clear. The free ride is over for Republicans on the issue of Trump’s racism. They will no longer be allowed to sweep Trump’s racist statements under the rug.

If they defend Trump’s racism, they are going to be put on the record and held accountable. The good old days of wishy-washy Paul Ryan turning a blind eye are long gone. House Democrats are going to anchor Trump’s racist statements to every Republican member of the who stays silent or supports this president.

This is no longer about Trump’s racism. It is about the racism of the political party that enables and protects him.

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