Trump Demands An Apology From Democrats For His Racism

Trump wants Democrats to apologize to him for his racist attacks, which he is trying to disguise as patriotism.

Trump Demands An Apology For His Own Racism

Trump tweeted:

Democrats owe Trump nothing

The racist attacks are hurting Trump and the Republican Party, but the president can’t and won’t stop the attacks because he has convinced himself that they are working. As Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) pointed out, Trump’s attacks are pushing people away from the Republican Party.

Trump isn’t getting it. He sees his approval rating rising with Republicans, so he is ignoring everything else and increasing his attacks. Democrats have nothing to apologize to Trump for. It is Trump who took help from the Russians in order to win an election. The president is trying to hide his crimes by wrapping himself around the flag and calling his bigoted un-American behavior patriotism.

Donald Trump is the racist, and the projection of his own bigotry and hate on to Democrats is destined to fail.

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