Democrats Go Beyond Mueller Report To Find Proof Of Trump Crimes


House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler told reporters that Democrats are seeking and gathering evidence of Trump crimes beyond the Mueller report.

Democrats are looking beyond the Mueller report for evidence of Trump crimes

Chairman Nadler (D-NY) said, “As many of you know the committee has authorized several additional subpoenas. Our work will continue into the August recess and we’ll use those subpoenas if we must. We will also continue to seek important documents from the department of justice and the white house. We have made some progress on this front. There appears to be compelling evidence of the president’s misconduct outside of the four corners of the redacted version of the Mueller report. We’ll work to uncover that evidence as well.”



The reason why this investigative process is taking so long is in part due to the vast amount of criminality that exists surrounding Donald Trump, his business, his presidential campaign, and his family. House Judiciary Democrats could rush to decide on recommending impeachment based on the Mueller report alone, but they obviously suspect that there is more evidence of Trump criminal misconduct that was not included in the Mueller report.

Judiciary Democrats are going to keep working through the August recess. There is more digging to be done.

During the press conference, the Judiciary Committee Democrats also made it clear that they are ready well into their process of gathering information for a potential impeachment recommendation.

Robert Mueller’s testimony is the end. The process is beginning to accelerate, Democrats are digging deeper, as the potential for impeachment remains strong.

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