Trump Turns Dayton And El Paso Mass Shootings Into A Campaign Ad

Trump used taxpayer money and resources to travel to Dayton ad El Paso so that he could use mass shooting tragedies as props for a campaign ad.

Trump uses mass shootings to film a campaign ad

Video that the White House posted:

Now we know what Trump meant when he said that his trip to Dayton and El Paso was a “terrific opportunity.”

Trump used the tragedy and homicides that he inspired as a prop for an ad to promote his reelection campaign. Trump made the El Paso hospital visit all about himself and how much the shooting victims supported and appreciated him.

It is what Joe Biden meant when he said during his speech on the soul of America on Wednesday that Trump doesn’t rise up to the moment or care about his role as the moral leader of the country.

Trump used two cities in mourning as backdrops for the latest episode of his presidential reality show, and even worse he spent taxpayer money to do it.

Somehow Donald Trump has managed to hit an even lower low.

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